Old Post Wolgast

Location :Breite Str. 26 17438 Wolgast
Investor :Alte Post Usedom GbR
Design :cubus plan gmbh
Period :2012 - 2014
Statics :Niehues Winkler Ingenieure
GFA :2557 m²
Services :Draft Design, Project Development, Detailed Design, Permit Application, Tender and Allocation, Supervision, CI-Entwicklung, Interior Design, Web Programming, Web Design

3rd Prize German Tourism Award 2015



The building of the former Wolgaster Post from 1884 and the telephone central of the communist era are now in downtown Wolgast, about 5 minutes drive from the island of Usedom. After the end of the postal service in 2006 and years of now use, now there is a unique themed hostel with sports and wellness area, as well as rooms for meetings and music samples originated. The original function of the post is characteristic for the architecture and interior design of the new "Postel":

In the former banking hall on the ground floor is the specially designed reception desk, which shape and color are inspired from a classical phone booth design. Next to the specious lounge area and kitchen, such a phone booth can be found, with a modern tablet PC inside.
The "Kesselbar" in the basement uses the former coal boiler with its rusty patina as bar, the old pumps and pipelines are integrated in the design, which completes the industrial atmosphere charm.
The vaulted cellar reaches into the new spa, themed as "pneumatic post",  old pipelines now serve as planters and towel hooks.
Photographs, drawings and original utensils from the time of pneumatic tube systems allow the visitors of the "Postel" to take a look in the historical period of post communication, as letters and parcels were still shipped with the pneumatic tube.

The upper floor of the Post, the "Briefsammelstelle", is the level where the accommodations are. Letterboxes show the entrances to 11 individually designed rooms: Before each hangs a once actually shipped Postcard whose address is inspiring the subject of the room. Between the diffrent, unique designed rooms, you can find the "Grandma room", the "spy-room" or a "squatter-room". A harmonious composition of vintage and store furniture, fancy wallpapers ,and matching accessories create an individual atmosphere in each room.

The "Schaltplatz", where the former telephone central was, Indoor Soccer now can be played, and the "Knotenort" can be used as a multipurpose room for both sports as well as for events.

The "Luftpost", which is the converted attic,is now a home to a spacious apartment. It features a lot of visible wood from the original roof truss, natural solid wood flooring, bright walls and roof windows on all sky directions. The ten rooms are illuminated by skylights. The color pallete is based on the colors of the airmail letters - red, light blue ,and dark blue.
In the common room and the hallways has aerial photographs of different cities and countries, which tries to simulate a bird-eye view on the world.
The attic of the telephone exchange was expanded to "Studiotechnik". An area for music samples and choirs, equipped with a grand piano. It features a bright textile floor covering, visible roof structure, indirect lighting and good acoustics.