House on Maximilianstraße

Location :Maximilianstraße, Berlin
Investor :Privat
Design :brandt+simon architekten
Period :2009
Statics :Niehues Winkler Ingenieure
GFA :215 m²
Services :Extended Shell Construction

The striking brick facade makes the building a new eye-catching member in the urban context. At the same time, the second-row position beyond trees makes the building blend in the view. Due to the large number of plain tile used (8350 pieces) and the selected colors results in an interplay between the very traditional building materials with its artisanal quality in detail, and the digital, reminiscent of pixel appearance of the entire facade. The gradient is designed as a repeating pattern and forms referencing both to the former horticultural use of the land, as well as the client's wish for a garden shed.

The desired thermal insulation is assured troguht the insulated with 36 cm cellulose slender timber framework construction. The normal shrinkage and swelling behavior of a wooden structure during change of seasons and the associated changes in length require a flexible clothing for the facade. The cladding of plain tiles, with numerous unsealed joint movements and long term low maintance weatherproof, is the chosen solution.

The hot water demand of the building is mostly covered by solar thermal energy, which is also supports the heating needs of the building. In addition, the house is heated as needed troguht a gas condensing boiler. Underfloor heating is used in all the rooms. The large heating surfaces assure very low flow temperture, which results economical heating.