House Tsingas Berlin

Location :Majakowskiring, Berlin
Investor :Privat
Design :Helm & Westhaus Architekten
Period :2005 - 2006
Statics :Ingenieurbüro Dr.-Ing. Christian Müller
GFA :250 m²
Services :Extended Shell Construction

The timber construction of the new residential building is reflected in its design, and simultaneously is a part if its context. Its volume refers to the surrounding villa development, and corresponds with the old trees on the land. The long staircase separates the three-storey part on the road side - with reception, office and gallery - from the two-storey on the garden side. There are bedroom and children rooms above the living room with kitchen, the windows to the garden can be wide open.

The clearly structured facades, reduced to essential clarity, characterize the building. The simple cubic structure produces a high efficiency of use, and engages a naturally acting dialogue with its surroundings.

Numerous measures are taken to achive ​​sustainable construction. These include the compact shape of the building, with its favorable ratio of volume to surface area, the passive house isolation made of cellulose, the green roof with rainwater harvesting, the use of low emission and resource-friendly materials, the minimization of gray energy trought a heating system that uses renewable energy and renewable fuels.
The facade cladding made of fine red cedar wood is left untreated, and thus refers also to the respect for nature. In addition, it ensures a very good building tightness at high diffusivity.

In general, the design uses the advantages of timber construction: the rational time- and cost-effective prefabrication of individual elements ensures a high certainty of execution, and the renewable building material wood has its resource-saving sustainability and excellent energy balance.