New construction of the Montessori youth school

ResidentialSport & Recreation
Location :Hennickendorfer Chaussee 2, 15344 Strausberg
Investor :Montessori Bildung gGmbH
Design :cubus plan gmbh
Period :2018 - pres.
Statics :Niehues Winkler Ingenieure
GFA :240 m²
Services :Grundlagenermittlung, Vorplanung, Draft Design, Permit Application, Detailed Design, Tender and Allocation, Supervision, Extended Shell Construction, Partizipation

Planning and construction of an accommodation house for the Montessori youth school Strausberg

The approximately 2.9 hectare property of the Montessori school in Strausberg is currently in a natural state, heavily overgrown by vegetation. There are several empty buildings on the property that were formerly used by an order. In the coming years, a Montessori youth village is to be built here, an extra-curricular learning location where the students of the Montessori school can both learn and spend the night. Topics such as vegetable growing, garden and landscape development and practical work are part of the curriculum, for example.

"Help the child to do it himself" is one of the main approaches of Montessori education.

Thus, the strong involvement of the students in the planning as well as the participation in the construction itself is an integral part of the project. In architectural workshops, the first concepts for the design of the property were developed together with the students. The pupils placed their desired uses on the property in a spatial relationship and found suitable locations and areas. In class, they also developed floor plans for the first accommodation house.

Based on the workshop results and the verbally expressed wishes and ideas of the pupils, a two-story accommodation house was designed. Efficiency and functionality were just as important for the design as feasibility as a DIY home. The house is built in wood using ecological and sustainable materials. By integrating the pupils in the planning as well as in the construction process, the construction of the first accommodation house can be understood as a school learning task.