Badstubenstraße Houses

Location :Badstubenstraße 32, 17438 Wolgast
Investor :Privat
Design :Cubus Projekt GmbH
Period :2014
Services :Project Development, Draft Design

The challange of designing in an old-city: the construction site is located in the protected historical part of Wolgas,the new facades help distinguish the building and emphasize the development the city has made. The design takes into consideration the originality, homogeneity and rarity of the well preserved old town. The site is closed by two diffrent in design houses which speak with the surroundings and show the development the city has made during the years. A countryard is located between the two buildings and is accessable via a gate entrance.

That the old city center oriented toward the main building shows a striking roof with classical cornices and plastered facade. Its wooden windows are inspired in their design to the historical models around. The roof is covered with a red roof tiles, which also corresponds to the local tradition. On the ground floor creates an apartment especially suitable for families with children: garden and playground can be found just equal to the living room. The upper floor and the attic offer a residential unit with a terrace view of the Peenestrom and the Baltic Sea.

On the other side the concept envisages a second building with its own, more concise architectural language: The garden house has an elegant and memorable face; its facades are determined by large expanses of glass and smooth surfaces.
Although its own design principles are formulated, there are clear references to the same time the growing context, and in particular the building opposite the fishmarket 3, whose cubature and height are reflected.

The utilization concept provides in addition to the residential component also a part suited for commercial use, such as for rental of watercraft. Another use of the garden house new building could be a quiet craft or a small business, also in combination with a small apartment for the operator. As a method of construction of the new building timber was chosen: this design is resource-efficient and ecologically friendly.