Residence Rädel

Location :Rädel Brücker Weg
Investor :Privat
Design :Cubus Projekt GmbH
Period :2017 - 2019
GFA :167 m²
Services :Concept, Draft Design, Permit Application, Detailed Design, Tender and Allocation, Supervision

In the small village of Rädel, located nearby the Lehnin Abbey, a single-family house is being built. The small, bungalow-like house in wooden construction offers generous space for all needs.

The living and dining room is the center of the building, which, thanks to its open design and position under the gable of the gable roof, appears even more spacious and at the same time serves as a "distributor" between the rooms, which means that ugly corridors can be avoided. If necessary, the two rooms can be separated by a sliding element to enable different use at the same time. The large window front in the south floods the rooms with light. In addition, a visual expansion towards the garden is achieved. In summer, the terrace serves as a link between living space and nature, which at the same time ensures a seamless connection to the garden.

Next to the bedroom and bathroom is the sewing room, a retreat for creative hobbies. The north window allows natural and neutral light into the room throughout the day, which means that the colors do not vary due to sun rays or shadows, but have a constant appearance.

The carport roof hovers over the exposed concrete wall elements. The materials create a certain tension and clearly show the main and secondary building. The joint between the wall and roof creates a natural opening, which means that there are no dark corners or a feeling of uneasiness in the extension. Despite its heavy concrete walls, it is an apparently playful element that harmonizes beautifully with the main material, wood.